Sound Familiar?

  • You work night and day. You don't have time for strategic planning or thinking. You're too busy with crisis management. 
  • Your leaders and key employees are more and more out of sync. They work against each other instead of the competition. 
  • You've spent a fortune on sales and marketing. So where are the results? 
  • You have ideas for expansion and innovation. If only you had the funds.
  • You wonder if you'll ever see that payday.

I Can Help You Achieve Peak Performance

 All of these scenarios are symptoms of every business at some point in its life cycle. 

That's why I've spent over 25 years working with investors, executives and board members. They have  have the same challenges in their businesses portfolios. And more. 

I've worked with hundreds of clients, from startup and growth companies, to turnarounds and global Fortune 500s. Together, we've created go-to-market strategies, empowered leadership, sales and marketing alignment and the focus you need to fuel peak performance and profitable growth. 

Book a call with me today to find out how you can take your company to peak performance.

Ed GlassmeyerManaging Partner, Oak Investment Partners

Rebel comes into an organization, shines a bright light of new thinking, then guides everyone to step into a new and powerful way of thinking. About products, markets, strategies, leadership and success. She will catapult your business to a new level.

12 Secrets for Business Peak Performance

​The biggest enemy of your business isn't your competition.

What is the biggest enemy? Well, it's you, and your teams. Even the most successful businesses and executives get stuck in the way we've always done it. That's why you need an objective eye to take a look at your business. 

When I discovered the powerful psychology of peak performance, I took another step up in fueling performance for my clients. 

Want to see a quick sample of what I discovered? ​

In this video, I share 12 tips to shift your thinking to take that first step into peak performance

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Bo EwaldCEO, D-Wave Systems

Brains, energy, experience and talent. Rebel has it all. She’ll guide you to see the world, and your business, in an innovative way. Do your business a favor and listen to her ideas. You and your shareholders will be happy you did.

Do You Want Peak Performance? 

Book a call with me today to find out how you can take your company to peak performance.

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