7 Every Day Ways You Give Away Control of Your Career

Take Control of Your Career!

It took me years to learn the secrets of success as a woman in business. Now you can take the FastTrack!

7 Every Day Ways Your Give Up Control of Your Career 

I Help You Take Control


I help corporations take immediate control of their teams, increasing productivity and profitability.

For 25+ years as an executive consultant, I've helped leaders ins startups, growth and turnaround businesses to drive bottom line growth and market leadership. 

Click below to learn how help you take immediate control of your teams to fuel bottom line results. 

Professional Women

I help you take immediate control of your career so you love your job.

I learned how to be a successful professional woman in a world built by men. I made mistakes we all make. Since I stopped the mistakes, I've never looked back,

To learn more about how I can help you take immediate control of your career to love your job, click below.

Ed GlassmeyerManaging Partner, Oak Investment Partners

Rebel comes into an organization, shines a bright light of new thinking, then guides everyone to step into a new and powerful way of thinking. About products, markets, strategies, leadership and success. She will catapult your business to a new level.

12 Secrets to Take Immediate Control of Your Business

​The biggest enemy of your success isn't out there.

It's right here, in our humans minds. You see, we are wired to get stuck in the way we've always done it. In mind science, that's called the status quo bias.  It's also the top reason we fail. At anything.

In this video, I share 12 tips to shift your thinking and take control of your business or career.

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Bo EwaldCEO, D-Wave Systems

Brains, energy, experience and talent. Rebel has it all. She’ll guide you to see the world, and your business, in an innovative way. Do your business a favor and listen to her ideas. You and your shareholders will be happy you did.

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