Strategic Consulting

Think You Need Better Marketing and Sales to Grow Your Bottom Line?

That's what every investor, board member and executive says when they hire me. 

What I usually see is the following: 

  • Executives forced to focus on crisis management so that they can't focus on strategy and growth.
  • A management team that's consequently diverged in their vision, direction, priorities and focus,.
  • A lack of funding and resources, or funds and resources directed in less than profitable ways.
  • Sales and marketing out of alignment with themselves and with their buyers,. thanks to powerful market changes. 


Until you address these issues, a company won’t grow successfully. No matter how much you spend on marketing and sales. You have to resolve the core issues, not treat the most visible symptoms.

The result?

  • You lose the key talent that differentiates your business .
  • You spend money and resources taking the company in the wrong direction. 
  • There's too much stress and conflict in and out of the boardroom. 
  • Your business doesn't  grow profitably. 

Ed GlassmeyerManaging Partner, Oak Investments

Rebel comes into an organization, shines a bright light of new thinking, then guides everyone to step into a new and powerful way of thinking. About products, markets, strategies, leadership and success. She will catapult your business to a new level.

Why Hire REBEL? 

I've spent over 25 years working with startups to growth companies, turnarounds to global  Fortune 500 businesses. 

Working with me, you will: 

  • Create Go to Market Strategies that Drive Profitable Growth.  Whether you're launching a startup, expanding into new markets or geographies or  seeking new differentiation, I have the experience you need. I have a proven success record with over 200 clients. I'm happy to provide references. 
  • Rejuvenate Your People, Products and Processes.  With over 20 turnarounds as clients, I bring the experience to rejuvenate people, products and profit. Turnarounds are different than startups and growth companies, yet the fundamental requirements are the same whether you're changing an entire business or a product; Strong strategies, strong leaders and strong vision. I'll guide you to create all that and more.
  • Profit From a Successful Market Entry. From initial launch to global expansion. I've created and executed over 75 market entries for startup, early stage, growth and turnaround clients. My clients say I'm the best at launching products and companies. We'll launch your new strategy to success. I guarantee it. 
  • Have the Funding and Resources You Need.  Whether you need initial capital or investment for expansion, I have the experience and connections to successfully position your business for the best valuation and investment. Should you decide to acquire resources or product, I can help with that as well. 
  • Alignment Across Executives and Teams We'll use the psychology of peak performance to align your leaders and the organization to successfully achieve your strategies, expanding market share and driving bottom line growth. We'll also align the priorities and focus of your leaders so they work in lockstep toward your goals. 
  • Develop Your Leaders and Employees.  I teach leaders how to leverage the psychology of peak performance  to better engage, motivate and lead employees and teams. You will also have the most satisfied and loyal employees around, making employee retainment an issue of the past. 

Want to learn more about how I can fuel  profitable growth for your business?  Schedule a call with me below. NO selling, just brainstorming your business! 

David BernsteinCTO, Seibel Systems

Rebel walks into a company and shines a bright beam of light on the issues, the opportunities and what needs to happen to drive bottom line success. She's smart, quick, loaded with creativity and experience. Hire her. You'll be glad you did.


It's simple.

You will achieve the results that we agree to as our mutual goals, or I'll stay with you until you do.  On my dime. Since I've had 100% success with my clients, I have the experience to make that guarantee. 


Rebel came into a tough situation. The company had market leading technology in a new area, but many wanted to stick with our traditional markets and products. That didn't stop Rebel. She guided us to create a breakout strategy, then stayed in, rolled her sleeves up and helped us execute. It was the most powerful go-to-market I've ever experienced.

Ask Yourself This Question

Can you afford not to bring in an expert set of eyes to help you fuel your strategies, leadership, sales and marketing to drive peak performance and profitability?

Without a doubt, by the end of working with me you will have just that. 

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Schedule a call with me. We'll brainstorm your business. Worst case, you walk away with new ideas that get you thinking in new ways. 

Rick ThauCEO & Investor

I've brought Rebel into a variety of portfolio investments, as well as my own company.  In every situation she quickly analyzed the situation, identified key opportunities and guided the company and its leadership to shift into overdrive to deliver profitable success. I'd recommend her to any executive who wants to grow their bottom line.