It's All About Them; Marketing to the Digitally Empowered Buyer 

Thanks to the digital age, today’s buyers can research, select and purchase their products without getting you involved in the decision. You won’t even know they were buying. Everything shifted. Your choices: shift, too—or get left in the past.

That does not mean you can simply shift your communications channels out to social media. Not even close. Yet that's what so many vendors do.  

Me, Me, Me and other traditional approaches to marketing simply do not work in today's world. If you want to market successfully, you must shift your processes and messaging. Away from what you want to say and toward what your buyers want and need. 

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You'll learn how to easily adapt your marketing thinking to master today's digitally empowered buyers.  

Key elements you'll learn include:

Why your buyer isn't listening and how to fix that.
How to create immediate trust with your buyer.
How to always be relevant to your buyer.
How to drive your value into the hearts of your buyers with the right positioning matrix. 

ROLLING THUNDER: Maximum Momentum Market Launches

What if I told you that you could launch your product or your company without having to do expensive PR or a snazzy event?

Then, what if I told you that we’d get better results than if you used traditional launch approaches?

It's true. I'e launched over 200 companies and products using this proven and powerful approach. 

You see,  traditional tactics no longer work, if they ever really did. Our markets are filled with noise from all those vendors clamoring for attention.  Even as our buyers have access to information that makes us, well, dispensable. Every one is thumping their chests and making big claims, dropping press releases and expecting customers to come running to learn more about them and their latest and greatest whizamafloppy. That is so backwards!

Oh, and by the way, this video is a bit out of date.

I'm now giving this system away for FREE!  Yep - It's FREE to you and your business! That's how much I love launches!

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Build sustainable long-term momentum with every launch! 

 Great launches build momentum over time to propel a product or company into the market — far above the noise and with sustainable credibility.  

That's just what you'll learn with Rolling Thunder:

How to drive revenue with your launch, and for months or years after.
The Power of a whisper.
The art of expanding revenue momentum after your launch.
How to launch with better results at a fraction of the cost of traditional launches.