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Searching for Your Peak Performance?

  • Are you giving all you have and still not keeping up?
  • Are your teams taking everything out of you as you push to get what you need?
  • Are you having trouble focusing, or setting priorities, for yourself and your teams?
  • Are you ready to fuel your success and the success of your teams? 

The Psychology of Peak Performance will increase your performance, and your team's performance, by 20-30% or more.  

Gina PeroThe Gina Paris Show, Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor  

Rebel guided me to understand where I was limiting myself in my current career. She helped me recognize the area  in which I was being held back, get clear on what I wanted for my future, and then took me through simple tools to release those limits. In just a couple of hour-long sessions, I had more energy towards my passion and purpose and was very clear on what those were. Today, my career is kicking into overdrive. I recommend her work to those of you that are creating your own path and dedicated to do so.

The Challenge is Our Programmed Thinking

We all have it.

We are Programmed to Be Limited

Here's a simple example:

  • ​Before we're 17, we're told, "You can't," over 15,000 times.
  • We’re told “You can,” 500 times.
  • That’s 30:1 negative programming.
  • And it’s only the beginning.

How Programming Gets in Your Way

What If You Increased Your Performance by 20-30%?

For decades I believed that I was delivering at my peak performance. My clients did too. They called me everything from the Energizer Bunny to the Texas Tornado.  

I thrived on long hours, no sleep, and constant pressure to do more.  I also drove my teams nuts. 

My life changed dramatically when the decades of stress hit me right between the eyes and knocked me to my knees. 

That's when I went searching for a better way. A way to up my performance, and my ability to fuel peak performance in those working with me. 

I found my answers, in the amazing psychology of peak performance.  I learned the powerful techniques to literally change my thinking to accelerate my performance. I also learned how to motivate, communicate and lead others to their peak performance. 

​You Can Do It! 

Ardath AlbeeCEO, Marketing Interactions 

“I’ve worked with Rebel Brown for years. What she can do to diagnose a positioning strategy for B2B enterprises in only hours is amazing. But, even better, now that she’s learned and mastered the psychology of peak performance to create unbounded limits for personal and professional success. She’s helped me take my life—and my business—to new levels. She'll do the same for you. 

The Psychology of Peak Performance

Shifting into peak performance can be easier than you ever thought possible.

Thanks to these proven psychological practices, you will shift your thinking to achieve  peak performance. You will also learn how to instill that same peak performance in your teams and associates. 

In hours instead of months or years, you can and will step into your ultimate potential. The results are simply extraordinary. From motivating your teams to getting the promotion you deserve to making more money than you ever thought possible. 

What I Do

I use a variety of modern techniques, based on the powerful discoveries of neuroscience and behavioral psychology.  

You've never experienced anything like this before. It's fun, it's powerful and the results are beyond anything you've ever expected. 

I guide individuals to shift into new and powerful ways of thinking and being that fuel your professional and personal power. 

I  work with executive teams and groups to align communication, thinking and priorities to drive peak performance and profitability for your business. You'll also learn how to instill peak performance in every team member, as well as making them the most loyal and satisfied employees ever.

  I guarantee you will get the results you want. 

Each engagement is designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. There is no one size fits all approach.

Most of my clients achieve their goals in less than five sessions. 

Linda HolstUNC, Chapel Hill 

I was dealing with a variety of anxiety related issues that were getting in the way of my professional and personal life. I'd tried a number of coaching and other approaches to release the anxiety, mentally and physically. Nothing worked.  I worked with Rebel for 3 hours and everything changed.  It's awesome.  I'm happy, relaxed, living my life with joy and every day is better than the one before.  Everyone should work with Rebel. She literally gave me my life back!

My Guarantee is Simple


Most clients achieve a significant and powerful shift after our first session. 

Welcome to the psychology of peak performance!

About Rebel

I create strategies for go to market, leadership, sales and marketing that help you reach peak performance. For over 25 years, I've worked with investors, board members and executives to fuel bottom line profitability. I also coach individuals and teams to achieve peak performance through the powerful applications of psychology and neuroscience. With over 200 clients in my portfolio, I bring a depth and breadth of expertise that my clients say is rare... and powerful.

How can I help you achieve peak performance?