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The Psychology of Peak Performance for Leaders

Whether you're leading a team, an organization or your family at home, The Influential Leader is the perfect pocket guide to peak performance.

Using the Psychology of Peak Performance, you will  fuel breakout results in your teams and organization

For the first time, modern leaders can enjoy simple, clear applications of the power of psychology to motivating, communicating and influencing others to achieve peak performance.  The opportunities are limitless.

Since much of what we've been taught about human behavior has been dramatically impacted by modern psychological discoveries, it is critical for leaders to update their knowledge as well.  

For example, did you know that only 5% of our mind's function is conscious. Which means that 95% of our thinking, decisions and behaviors are unconscious?  That means for leaders to influence others, they need to understand how to use the psychology of peak performance to influence their employees and teams.

The Influential Leader applies the discoveries of modern psychology to deliver a pocket guide to peak performance.  You'll learn how your human brain really works, and how you can apply that knowledge to influence everyone to be better. 

Psychology of Peak Performance

Take your teams to the next level of productivity and job satisfaction.

"Readers who run with Rebel’s notion of the technology of our minds will become transformational leaders that shift tired approaches into new-era opportunities. If you find yourself wondering what the human brain has to do with your own life or business success – read this book and you’ll reboot your old passions into measurable tools for a finer future.”

Ellen Weber, PhD

Director, Mita International Brain Center

“The Influential Leader is every leader’s handbook for creating the influence and motivation we need to fuel breakout performance in their teams and in themselves. Rebel shares eye-opening insights into the technology of our minds that leaders must have to lead others.”

John Baldoni

Chair, Leadership Development Practice, N2growth, Author, Lead with Purpose

“Rebel is one of the best on the subject of neuroscience and leadership. The Influential Leader shares key insights and provides practical methods to help modern leaders achieve peak performance. Get a copy for everyone on your team!

Jesse Lyn Stoner

Co-author Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision and Leading at a Higher Level

“The Influential Leader shares key lessons from the latest scientific frontier - the human mind. The insights and lessons give leaders the tools they needs to achieve optimum performance, in themselves and their organizations. ”

  Susan Steinbrecher,  Author of Heart Centered Leadership

Defy Gravity: Strategies for High-Velocity Growth 

Defy Gravity uses the metaphor of flight to share proven techniques for creating high-velocity growth strategies. Developed with over 300 growth and turnaround businesses, the Defy Gravity model guides business executives and leaders to expand their thinking, identify new market opportunities and create innovative go-to-market strategies that deliver sustainable market leadership.

  • Step beyond the way you’ve always done it and into fresh perspectives that fuel innovation.
  • Find your fuel – the value that drives growth.
  • Catch market lift – the opportunities that are ready and waiting for your value.
  • Create breakout strategies that capture market share and leadership positions.
  • Monitor and tune your progress against your strategic plan for sustainable, profitable growth.

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Grow Your Bottom Line

Go-to-market strategies for high velocity growth.

“In a world where good enough isn’t good enough anymore, Rebel Brown has pulled together the right strategies, tips and thought provoking advice to help your company soar. If you and your team are ready to defy gravity – this book will get you started.”

Joan Koerber-Walker

CEO, AZ Biotech

“Defy Gravity is one of the most valuable business books for today and beyond.”

Joe Levy,    Chairman and CEO, The Quadragon Group

“Rebel does it again!! A very informative, hold no punches book that gets to the roots of business dilemmas and suggests solutions. A must for growth companies.”

Tsvi Gal, Partner, Exigen Capital   

““Defy Gravity is filled with fresh strategies to escape the pull of the status quo, capture emerging opportunities and achieve high velocity growth.””

Jill Konrath, Best Selling Author, Sales Accelerated