Influential Leadership: Motivation and the Human Mind

By Rebel Brown

Neuroscience, the technology of our minds, is the path to next generation performance.  After all, we are leading humans – in business, school, sports and life.  The more we understand about what makes us tick – the better leaders we become.  For example – take motivation.

Motivating the Human Mind

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“Neuroscience is about to have profound influence in many aspects of human endeavor.  Recent, current and future discoveries in neuroscience will change how we live.  They will certainly change leadership.  “The Influential Leader” is the first book I have read to clearly show the way for this new transformative leadership path.  If you want to be a successful modern leader, reading this book is the essential first step.” 

David Houle, America’s Leading Futurist

 The Influential Leader is every leaders’ guidebook to the human mind. You’ll learn how humans think, decide and act, and how you can apply the technology of our minds to  motivate, communicate, inspire and propel yourself and your teams to create excellence, in everything you do.

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I create strategies for go to market, leadership, sales and marketing that help you reach peak performance. For over 25 years, I've worked with investors, board members and executives to fuel bottom line profitability. I also coach individuals and teams to achieve peak performance through the powerful applications of psychology and neuroscience. With over 300 clients in my portfolio, I bring a depth and breadth of expertise that my clients say is rare... and powerful. How can I help you achieve peak performance?

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